Thor Björnsson Tosses a Keg Sky High Like It’s Nothing—And Sets a World Record

Thor Strongest Man Keg Toss / Instagram @thorbjornsson

Even if he doesn’t win the World’s Strongest Man title this year, Thor Björnsson is bringing home a record.

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The Icelandic strongman broke his own world record by tossing a 15 kg keg over a bar 7.15 meters in the air—and he barely broke a sweat. Björnsson’s toss didn’t even come close to the bar—it cleared it with plenty of room to spare:


The 6’9”, 395-pound titan is battling with Brian Shaw, winner of the 2015 World’s Strongest Man, for the title this year. If Björnsson wins, it would be the first time “The Mountain” has made it to the top spot—he’s previously finished in second (2014) and third (2012, 2013, 2015).

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A barrage of insane events awaits the competitors at the competition this year, including the keg toss, truck pull, squat lift, giant dumbbell press, squat, Atlas stones, and Viking press.

If Thor handles the other events like the keg toss, he could bring home the title this year. His nutrition plan has certainly been intense enough: He says he eats about 13 lbs of food a day—including about 2 lbs of protein—when he’s in training. Even cooler: He prefaced his trip to Botswana for the World’s Strongest Man competition was “some work for” Game of Thrones. (Does dragon wrestling count as strongman training? Damn right, it does.)

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