The Three-phased Fat-loss and Abs Routine

Weight training will help you build muscle, and a clean diet will help you drop the fat. High-intensity cardio, steady-state cardio, and circuits will help accelerate that process. Instead of breaking them all up into individual workouts, why not combine them into one super-charged one? This three-phased approach will give a body a little bit of everything. It will start with 30-minutes of steady state cardio, followed by an ab-shredding circuit for 3-5 rounds, and conclude with another bout of cardio, but this time, intervals. This workout is adapted from our total-body redemption plan and can be performed 1-2 days per week.

Jog/Run for 30-minutes (steady-state)

Complete 3-5 rounds (with zero rest) of the following:

Hip Thrust from the Floor x 8-10 reps
Ab Wheel Roll Out x 8-10 reps
Cable Chops x 8-10 reps (each side)
Side Planks x failure (each side)

7-10 minute cardio intervals
30 second sprint/30 walk or light jog

In week 4 and 5: bump up to 45 minutes of steady-state cardio, and/or another 3-7 minutes of intervals.

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