A Three Step Plan to the One-Armed Chinup

A Three Step Plan to the One-Armed Chinup

Muscle-ups seem to be what everyone’s talking about lately, but we’re bringing back something old-school, the one-armed chinup. Does it actually do anything? Maybe, maybe not. It’s still pretty cool to be able to complete. Here’s how.


Perform lat pulldowns with one arm at a time, palm facing away. Use a D-handle and start with about half the weight you would use for a normal pulldown. Perform three sets. Do this for four to six weeks, then move on to Step 2.


Set up a bar at waist height in a squat rack. Lie under the bar with your knees bent and your body straight. Grab the bar with one hand and use your other hand to hold your wrist for support. Pull your chest up to the bar and then lower yourself back so that you’re hanging from the bar. That’s one rep. Perform three sets of as many reps as possible. Continue for four to six weeks, then go on to Step 3.


Hang two exercise bands from a pullup bar and place a foot in each (like stirrups). Hold the bar as you did in Step 2 and perform one-armed pullups. Eventually, you’ll be able to remove the bands.

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