Three Steps to Fitness Success in the New Year

Three Steps to Fitness Success in the New Year

2014 is your time to reach fitness success. Don’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of reaching the pinnacle of your training. Brian Grasso, a Montreal life coach and former trainer to elite athletes, pioneers the Change the Story Method coaching program in which he helps clients reach their fitness goals. For example, Ivonne Marquez, a financial analyst from West Caldwell, NJ dropped nearly 30 pounds and saw her body fat decrease by 50% in under a year at age 48. Take control of your fitness in 2014 using these three steps to success. 

1. Ask yourself, “Why?”

Whatever your goal is, keep probing at the reason for its importance to you and note all the thoughts and feelings that spring up. Do the same for your fears about not achieving the goal.“Keep going until you see there’s nothing to be afraid of,” says Marquez. “You either try it and see where it goes, or live with the fear and never find out.”

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2. Take an actionable step.

If you want to build muscle or lose fat, commit to being active every day. Or hire a trainer so you have someone to be accountable to. “Tell him you don’t need to know where it’s going,” says Grasso. “You just want to meet every week and take it as it comes.” Don’t place any time constraints on your progress.

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 3. Frame everything as a positive.

No matter how casual your approach to getting in shape, no one’s going to kid you that it doesn’t require discipline. If your friends and family heckle you for staying in when they’re out at the bars, don’t let it bring you down. “Your nights aren’t lonely, they’re fulfilling,” says Grasso. “You’re achieving your dream. There’s no better way to spend an evening.”

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