Three Things You Need to Do Every Day to Live Longer

Three Things You Need to Do Every Day to Live Longer

To live longer, oil up and get drunk in the sun.

Okay, that’s not exactly what new research says, but it’s close. According to a study just out in Molecular Psychiatry, there are three things you need more of daily to keep the Grim Reaper cooling his heels: omega-3 fatty acids, typically found in oily fish; resveratrol, found in wine and dark red fruits, like grapes; and vitamin D, from either supplements or the sun. 

Scientists believe these compounds— which are easily gotten by sticking to a healthy Mediterranean-type diet (or, of course, trolling the Mediterranean itself on your well-stocked yacht)—may positively affect genes that promote longevity. 

And make sure you finish that glass of wine! 

To superstar antioxidant resveratrol’s long list of bennies (better blood flow, less oxidative stress, improved insulin resistance), Georgetown University has just added another: “It limits the negative effects of a high-fat/high-sugar diet on muscles.” ¡Salud!

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