Time Crunch Training: 10-Minute Abs


Meetings at work run late or a family obligation pops up – there’s tons of reasons why your schedule is too jam-packed to squeeze in a workout. But before you skip out on getting it in, we’ve got just the solution – a Time Crunch workout.

We’ve asked certified trainer, Theresia Merkle of CRUNCH to run us through a quick ab circuit to get ripped in no time. This fitness-chick has got a six-pack herself, and her non-stop circuit is a must-add to your workout logs.

Time Crunch Training: 10-Minute Back >>>


> 30 Seconds of Scissors
> 15 V-Sit Tucks > 30 Seconds of Bicycles
> 15 Sit Ups with a Stability Ball
> 15 Alternating Knee Tucks with a Stability Ball (each side)
> 30 Second Plank Holds

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