Today in Fitness

 Mika Knezevic / Getty Images

Try a Kettle Bell Windmill

Trainer David Schenk demonstrates the proper way to do kettle bell windmills for the ‘L.A. Times.’ Combining elements of yoga and strength training, this weighted version of a triangle pose works the obliques while stretching the hamstrings. Start out with 15 pounds to get the technique right before upping the weight.

Endurance Tips from Fighters

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is one of the most physically demanding sports, requiring a high level of total-body fitness along with the willingness to risk being pummeled and choked. Trainer Angie Lee founded FightWorksNYC and offers tips for building the strength and endurance of a UFC fighter, without getting punched in the face.

Perfect Workout Music

Scientists and Spotify claim to have created the perfect workout playlist. Research has found evidence that a good beat can improve your performance, but with Katy Perry claiming the top spot on this mix, you may want to follow the rules of the beat and make your own mix.