Sympathy for the Devil: Tom Ellis Is Having a Hell of a Time in ‘Lucifer’

Sympathy for the Devil: Tom Ellis Is Having a Hell of a Time in ‘Lucifer’

How does a polite, soft-spoken, rugby-loving Welshman like Tom Ellis land the role of the Prince of Darkness? “It’s an old joke: All evil people in movies are British,” he says.

A star in England who made his name playing TV doctors and detectives, Ellis is now taking a much more sinister turn on Fox’s new series Lucifer. Inspired 
by the Neil Gaiman graphic novel The Sandman, the
 show follows—you guessed it—the devil, who, bored with hell, retires to L.A. and becomes a nightlife-loving consultant for the LAPD.

With his permanent 5 o’clock shadow, Ellis didn’t need to change much about his
 look to play the part. “My goal was to make him human,” he says. “I’m going for ‘lovable rogue’—I think of him as Mick Jagger and Noël Coward’s love child, with some Oscar Wilde thrown in.”


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