Tone Up for Summer—Kettlebells On Sale at Amazon

kettlebell on sale

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Now that you’ve crushed your new year’s resolution and gotten your weight down to where you need to be, it’s time to tone your muscles and tighten up all that flab. Any exercise regimen or lifting program will help in this regard. But if you really want to strengthen your core and get cut and sculpted in time for summer, now is the time to start. And all you really need is a kettlebell.

Right now, the most popular-sized kettlebells are on sale at Amazon. You can save up to 13 percent on 15- and 20-pound kettlebells. Normally upwards of $30, today you can get them starting at just $22.

Yes4All cast-iron kettlebells are the top-rated, best-selling kettlebells at Amazon. They come in a wide variety of color-coded sizes from 5-50 pounds, so no matter your fitness level, there’s one that’s right for you. Right now, only the 15- and 20-pounders are on sale. But keep clicking this link and checking back, because Yes4All kettlebells are on sale often. And besides, those sizes are ideal for getting back into the, er, swing of kettlebells.


kettlebell on sale

The #1 Kettlebell On Sale at Amazon

15- and 20-pound ‘bells are perfect for toning up and strengthening your core. You can check out our Best Kettlebell Workouts to get some inspiration on how best to approach a kettlebell workout. But all you need is 15 minutes a day and these kettlebells on sale.

To be clear, if you really want to put on mass and get bigger, you’re going to need heavier weights than these. But if you’ve never workout with a kettlebell before, or if you’re just getting back into the kettlebell swing (sorry), a 20-pounder is the ideal place for most guys to start.

So much kettlebell work is core-related. So you don’t want to over-do it in the beginning and suffer an injury to your abs or groin. Then you’ll have to shut it down for weeks just to recuperate. The key is to start early and start slow, to build up your core strength before you graduate to gaining size and mass.

That’s why this is the perfect time of year to start. And that’s why this kettlebell on sale is so advantageous right now.

Coated in vinyl to protect your floors, Yes4All kettlebells have so far garnered over 1.3k ratings from real Amazon users. These are the people that have bought and used Yes4All kettlebells—and they bestow upon them a sterling 4.7-star rating. So you know they work.

You’ve lost the weight. Now keep it up and tone your body into the sculpted physique you really want. All you need is 15 minutes a day with a kettlebell. And with these kettlebells on sale, you’ve got no excuse not to start.

Get It: Save up to 13% on Yes4All Kettlebells (from $22) at Amazon



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