Top MMA Training Tips

Joel jamieson_rotator

Joel JamiesonJoel Jamieson is a top authority on conditioning for combat sports, having worked with stars of mixed martial arts like Rich Franklin. He is the author of Ultimate MMA Conditioning, a book that’s changing the way trainers prescribe cardio. Jamieson also owns Endzone Athletics in Kirkland, WA, and has just released a heart-rate variability monitor that helps you determine how well you’ve recovered from your last workout.

Joel’s Top Three Tips

Train High/Low

“Most people can’t recover well from more than two days of highly intense training per week. Follow heavy workouts with one or two lower-intensity training sessions before you go heavy again.”

Minimize Stress

“It’s harmful to your mental and physical health and can stunt your training. Research shows it can severely hamper fat loss as well as muscle gain, so try to relax.”

Less Is More

“Doing too many exercises in a program is a surefire way not to improve at any of them. Instead, stick to the basics—they work. And when it comes to different types of lifts, use no more than eight to 10 in a given training week.”

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