Top Workout Songs: Get Customized Playlists From Body by Jake Music

Body by jake cover teaser

Trying to muscle your way through a killer workout session without some serious tunes backing you up—well, that’s a little bit like trying to run a road race without wearing any sneakers. Sure, you may make it across the finish line…but you’re gonna feel like hell in the process. 

Knowing just how critical music is for men (and women) who are trying to reach their fitness goals, Jake Steinfeld (the man behind the “Body By Jake” phenomenon) has teamed up with Universal Music Enterprises (part of Universal Music Group) to launch Body by Jake Music, a series of musical tracks by some of today’s hottest artists and most in-demand producers, DJs and mixers.

These customized compilations have been put together as a song-by-song soundtrack for every body type and every kind of workout: Each song’s BPMs (beats per minutes) are geared specifically for kickboxing, running, treadmill workouts and lifting…as well as yoga, spinning and pilates. 

“Let’s face it. Exercise can be boring,” acknowledges Jake. “But great music can take the edge off of any exercise routine. Music has the power to stimulate, inspire get you to go that extra mile, do that last set of reps and reach or go beyond your goal.”

You can access Body by Jake music through iTunes starting this week.  


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