The Tour De Fox Workout

Sam Fox’s recent challenge of biking and hiking across the Lower 48 states (the Tour de Fox) will be a test of endurance, stamina, persistence, and mental toughness. The video above is a demonstration of what Sam does regularly during the week, in the afternoons. Below is a sample program of what Sam’s entire training routine looks like.

Disclaimer: This is Sam’s personal routine; it’s not a routine recommendation or endorsement.

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Sam works out twice a day—both before work and after—with two tailored workout routines.

Weekday Mornings (~1½ hours)

Sam usually arrives at 5 a.m. for some cardio to start the day before heading to work. While the Tour has no swimming elements, the pool provides a good cardio workout with little to no impact, making it easier on his joints.

2-mile jog
General warmup/stretching
Ab routine: 500-1,000 reps (different exercises)
1.5-mile swim (breaststroke and freestyle)

Weekday Afternoons (~3 hours)

After work, Sam focuses on strength conditioning to help avoid injury when on tour. He does weight training with an emphasis on side-to-side lifts, squats, and lunges to strengthen muscles and protect his hips, knees, and ankles. A good portion of his time is spent on the bike, usually riding 30-plus miles each day.

30 miles of biking
General warmup and stretching
Rowing Machine x 3,000 meters
Upper-body strengthening (15 minutes, max sets)
– 10 knees to elbows
– 5 pullups
– 10 pushups
– 10 lateral/side lunges
Lower-body strengthening (5 sets)
– 10 squats
– 10 overhead walking lunges
– 10 spiderman planks (each side)
Abs (1,000 reps)
– Crunches
– Bicycle crunches
– Plank
2-mile run
– 2 sets of 1-mile runs at a 6-minute even pace with 2 minutes’ rest in between.
-Foam roller


Whenever he gets the opportunity, Sam heads out of the city and to the mountains for some hiking or trail running.

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