The Trainer Directory

John Alvino
A nutrition expert and strength and conditioning coach for more than 15 years, Alvino is a former amateur bodybuilder who once competed against the current Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler. Alvino owns Iron Athletes, a private training facility in Morristown, N.J.

Jeff Cavaliere
Cavaliere is the head physical therapist and assistant strength coach for the New York Mets. E-mail Jeff at

Rachel Cosgrove
As a Certifi ed Strength and Conditioning Specialist C.S.C.S. and certified Olympic weightlifting and triathlon coach, Cosgrove boasts a diverse resume. She is the co-owner of Results Fitness in Santa Clarita, Calif., and competes as an Ironman triathlete.

Corey Crane
Corey Crane is the Assistant Athletic Director and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Manhattanville College in New York. He has master’s degrees in exercise science, psychomotor behavior, and physical education.

Vince DelMonte
Formerly known as “Skinny Vinny” to his friends, DelMonte’s transformation into a fitness model and trainer has been widely reported in fitness magazines around the world. Creator of No Nonsense Muscle Building, one of the Web’s most popular training programs, DelMonte specializes in helping guys gain muscle weight.

Walter DeNino
Formerly an elite triathlete who was selected for the USA Triathlon Olympic resident team in 2000, DeNino is the president of, an online triathlon coaching and sports nutrition service.

Brandon Elliott
Operating out of Chicago, Elliott is a Certified Personal Trainer C.P.T. specializing in athletic performance for the weekend warrior. He’s an avid off-road triathlete and runner, having competed in half-marathons, triathlons, and numerous running events and mountain bike races.

Zach Even-Esh
Even-Esh has been involved in strength training and combat sports for nearly 20 years. Working with high school and college athletes, professional MMA fighters, and law-enforcement and military personnel, Even-Esh is the owner of the Underground Strength Coach Gymnasium located in Edison, N.J.

Jason Ferruggia
Ferruggia has trained more than 500 athletes from nearly 20 different sports. He has also consulted for numerous college and pro teams, as well as celebrities, fashion models, and average joes. Ferruggia is based in Warren, N.J., and is MF’s chief training adviser. He has gained nearly 100 pounds of muscle through the years; his best deadlift is 585.

T.R. Goodman
Trainer of pro athletes and celebrities, Goodman has been whipping people into peak shape for over 20 years. He is the owner of Pro Camp Sports in Los Angeles.

Nate Green
Working with everyone from regular guys to pro athletes, Green is co-owner of Emerge Fitness Solutions, a personal training studio in the ski-resort town of Whitefish, MT

Todd Hamer
With over 14 years in the field, Hamer has been a strength and conditioning coach at a number of colleges, including the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Penn State, and, currently, Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh.

Lee Haney
Widely regarded as perhaps the greatest bodybuilder ever, Haney has won the Mr. Olympia title a record eight times. He is a trainer and the owner of Lee Haney’s Nutritional Support System, a supplement company, based in Fayetteville, Ga.

Joe Hashey
A former Division 1-AA football player, Hashey is the owner of Synergy Athletics in Endwell, New York.

Stephen Holt
A biomechanics expert, Holt is based in Baltimore and was the American Council on Exercise’s ACE Personal Trainer of the Year in 2003.

Jason Karp
Holding a Ph.D. in exercise physiology and certified as a track and field coach by USA Track and Field, Karp is a competitive distance runner and professional running coach who has worked with athletes all over the world. Karp is based in San Diego, Calif.

Joe Kenn
A master level strength and conditioning coach, Kenn has been training high school and elite college athletes for over 20 years. He’s based in Winston-Salem, N.C.

Cameron McGarr
A C.S.C.S. and USA Weightlifting-certified strength coach, McGarr, just 28, trains out of Results Fitness in Santa Clarita, Calif. He designed the popular 2009 Yearlong Workout Program, available at

Matt McGorry
An accomplished powerlifter and bodybuilder, McGorry trains clients at Peak Performance in New York City.

Joel Marion
Marion was the 2001 Body-for-LIFE physique transformation challenge grand champion. He’s a Certifi ed Personal Trainer C.P.T. and the author of The Cheat to Lose Diet.

Terri Schneider
Schneider is a multisport endurance athlete and coach based in Aptos, Calif. As a world-class professional triathlete and eliteinternational adventure racer, she has raced in more than 30 countries since 1995. She’s also the co-author of Triathlete’s Guide to Mental Training.

Keith Scott
A Certifi ed Athletic Trainer A.T.C. and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist C.S.C.S., Scott has more than 17 years’ experience helping clients rehabilitate injuries and build muscle.

Jim Smith
Smith, a C.S.C.S., is a strength coach specializing in athletic performance. Co-founder of the Diesel Crew, a training center in Sayre, Pa., Jim is also a highly sought lecturer and author.

Jimmy Smith
Though only 25 years old, Smith is a C.S.C.S. who has already worked with a wide array of collegiate, Olympic, and professional athletes. Primarily known for his ability to deliver fat loss and muscle gains, the Stamford, CT-based trainer is one of the most promising up-and-comers in the fitness industry.

Joe Stankowski
A former powerlifter trained by the legendary Ed Coan, Stankowski has deadlifted 700 pounds and also competed as a strongman. Certified as a Master Trainer through the IDEA Health & Fitness Association, Stankowski, now living in Wilmington, Del., has been training people for more than 10 years.

Keith Scott
Scott is a strength coach and physical therapist in Medford, N.J. He has nearly 20 years experience training and treating a variety of clients.

Chad Waterbury
Based in L.A., Waterbury is a trainer to celebrities and an expert on exercise science. Having trained a wide array of clients including bodybuilders, models, athletes, and regular joes, Waterbury is the author of Muscle Revolution.

Jim Wendler
Wendler is the senior editor of Elite Fitness Systems, one of the Web’s most respected sites for training information. Formerly a three-year letterman in college football and a strength and conditioning coach at the University of Kentucky, Wendler was also a world-class powerlifter with the Westside Barbell Club—home to the world’s strongest powerlifters—in London, Ohio. His best lifts include a 1,000-pound squat, 675-pound bench press, and 700-pound deadlift.

Giles Wiley
A former tae kwon do champion, Wiley has traveled around the world learning martial arts, conditioning secrets and Eastern philosophy. He is the author of 5-Minute Flexibility.

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