Trainer Spotlight: Charles D’Angelo


D’Angelo’s Top Three Tips
1) Get amped! “Your goal has to be exciting,” says D’Angelo. Almost any diet or workout program will yield some results as long as you approach it with a positive attitude and the motivation to succeed.

2) Always ask yourself why. “If you want to start losing weight, you need to figure out why you’re eating unhealthy foods.” The “why” will usually identify the sources of your unwanted weight gain.

3) Be consistent. Whatever approach you take to getting fit, make sure it’s one you can sustain. “Your workouts should be fun,” he says. You’ll avoid burning out — and dropping out.

If you’re desperate to shed some weight fast, Charles D’Angelo can empathize. In our October 2007 Success Story, we chronicled his transformation from a 356-pound high school student into a 200- pound weight-loss coach. “That was a great achievement,” he says, “but it wasn’t enough. I couldn’t help only myself; I also had to help others.” To make that happen, he started Team Charles, a weight management business based in St. Louis. D’Angelo’s clients range from CEOs and politicians to senior citizens and children. “Sixteen of my clients have lost over 100 pounds,” he says. For more info on D’Angelo, check out

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