Trainer Spotlight: Oscar Smith


Oscar’s Top Three Tips
1) Eat like you train. “If you’re not dieting, you’re never going to get lean,” says Smith. Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand,” so don’t think that hard workouts alone will make up for pizza binges on the weekend.

2) Mix up your routine. “If you’re running a mile every day, after about three weeks that mile is going to feel as if you’re just walking to the fridge. Jump some rope, bike, etc.”

3) Do your sets in waves. “Go light on one set, then heavy, then light, and heavy again to build strength and avoid a plateau.”

With almost 20 years of experience, Smith has successfully trained clients with every type of fitness goal-so he knows what works and what doesn’t. In addition to running his own Manhattan-based facility, O-Diesel Studio (, Smith is also a rescue diver with the New York City Police Department, a position requiring such extreme fitness that only a handful of New York’s roughly 39,000 cops have obtained it.

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