Trainer Spotlight: Rachel Cosgrove


Cosgrove is a Certifi ed Strength and Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S.), USA Triathlon coach, and USA Weightlifting coach. She co-owns a training facility, Results Fitness, in Newhall, CA, where she oversees a team of fitness coaches who work with more than 200 members (many of whom are elite athletes). She has also competed in numerous fitness competitions and triathlons and is an Ironman triathlete as well. Learn more about Rachel and the way she trains at

1) Challenge yourself. “Most people are in a routine and do what’s comfortable for them,” says Cosgrove. The only way you can change your body is by changing your training, so make sure you vary your routine and don’t stick with any one workout for longer than four to six weeks. Your workouts won’t, and shouldn’t, be easy.

2) Stay the course. “Consistency far outweighs anything else when it comes to getting results,” says Cosgrove. A perfect training and eating regimen is useless if you don’t follow it, so make sure you’re showing up to the gym and filling your plate with what you’re supposed to.

3) Hire a coach. “Everyone needs a pair of outside eyes to see what you cannot see,” she says. You don’t need someone watching your every move, but meeting with a coach once a week will motivate you—and it puts someone in charge of changing up your workouts properly.

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