Trainer Spotlight: Sergio Rojas


Credentials: Rojas is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S.), post-rehab specialist, and Qigong and meditation instructor in Chicago. He’s trained clients of all kinds, but particularly athletes—he was the strength coach for the WNBA’s Chicago Sky. Outside of the gym, Rojas has a weekly fitness segment on NBC5 News in Chicago.

Philosophy: Rojas specializes in advanced corrective exercise training, “focusing on correcting muscular imbalances, improving core stability and strength, flexibility, and movement efficiency, which translates into faster gains and fewer injuries,” he says. He also integrates Eastern philosophy and martial arts into his training techniques to create a holistic approach to fitness.

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Sergio’s Top Three Tips:
1. Lift, then run. “To shed fat, do 15 to 20 minutes of cardio immediately after weight training,” says Rojas. “Your body burns more fat for fuel during cardio if done afterward.”

2. Resist your abs. Use resistance tubing or bands while doing crunches. The extra load will demand greater fi ber recruitment and will build strong abs quicker.

3. Train your back and triceps harder. They help support chest and biceps work, says Rojas, “allowing for greater force production for sports and great beach muscles to boot.”

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