Trainer Spotlight: Tom Venuto

Trainer Spotlight: Tom Venuto

Tom Venuto of Hoboken, N.J., has won numerous body-building accolades. He also holds several titles away from competitions: personal trainer, nutrition consultant, motivational coach, health club manager, writer, and Internet publisher. Add author to the list with the release of his latest book, The Body Fat Solution. Learn more about him at

Don’t believe the hype. Lots of guys in the gym will tell you they only use isolation exercises with machines to get big. But Venuto says the reality is that most guys with the best bodies emphasize freeweight exercises such as front squats, Romanian deadlifts, pullups, presses, and rows.

2) Use periodization. For the best results, alternate four weeks of higher volume, medium to high-rep training with moderate weights for muscle size with four weeks of progressive strength work (lower volume, lower reps, and heavier weights). “Change up the exercises and repeat,” says Venuto.

3) Don’t lock out. Do exercises like squats and presses by going only three-quarters of the way up. This will keep tension on the target muscles without your joints taking over the stress, and that will lead to more growth—and fewer injuries.

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