Training Advice From Ned Overend


Maintain Your Core Values
“Working the core is essential for stability on the bike,” Overend says. “During the off-season, I do a circuit workout that targets all the major muscle groups.”

Turn Up the Heat
“The most effective drill for building fitness is hill intervals,” Overend says. “I’ll try to find a hill similar in length and steepness to what I may encounter in a future race. Then I bike up it repeatedly, Early in the season, I’ll do fewer repeats than later in the year when I’m more fit. Knowing when to stop and switch to recovery mode if key. If you do too many intervals it’s harder to recover.”

Yearn for Burn
“Attitude is everything when training and racing get hard,” Overend says. “I try to take the positive mind-set that this suffering is a good thing because it’s transforming my body to be more efficient.”

Refuel Smartly
Consistent hydration is vital both in training and on race day. “Try to consume 12 to 16 ounces of fluid every 45 minutes of riding time,” Overend says.

Cool Your Jets
Don’t sabotage all your hard work by overtraining. Elite endurance athletes taper their training and adjust their diet as the race gets closer. “If you cut back on your training but not your caloric intake, you can end up feeling sluggish.”

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