Training and Mentoring Tips From Renowned Trainer Chris Powell

As part of our Changing the Game Sweepstakes, we enlisted the help of ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss trainer and transformation specialist Chris Powell, who told us about the people who helped and mentored him and shared his advice on how to help “Change the Game.”

Who are some of the individuals in your life who have opened the doors or helped you get to where you are today in your life professionally, personally, or beyond?

My good friend Jason Liakos. We were college buddies back in the day. Our lives went in different directions for several years, but when I began to struggle and self-destruct, he was there to coach me out of it.  

What qualities did these people possess that made them so influential?

Jason was brutally honest, but in a compassionate way. He led by example, and opened up about his struggles that were preventing him from living his best life, which gave me permission to do the same. He let me know when I was lacking integrity with myself and called me out when he knew that I could do better. 

What would you say to these people if you saw them today?

A simple thank you just doesn’t seem like enough…but I want him to see that I continue to pay it forward every day by helping others. His impact on my life has now impacted thousands more.  

What advice would you give to someone to Change Their Game?

Be open, honest, and truly authentic with yourself. Dig down and find your deepest fears (losing connection with others? not being trusted? failure?). Then identify how these fears drive your behaviors and have held you back from truly living. Once you’ve identified what has held you back, declare new goals and objectives. Begin by making one small promise toward your new goal, and keep that promise every day until you are ready to make another.


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