Training Q&A: Should I Schedule a Deload Week?

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Q: Should I schedule a deload week?

A deload is a period of time in which you take things easier in the gym by lifting lighter weights or reducing your training volume. Deloads typically last a week and encourage recovery before another period of harder training with heavier loading. Even if your body doesn’t absolutely need to deload, it’s a good idea. It doesn’t hurt you in anyway. The worst thing about deloading is that it adds length to your program. So instead of possibly hitting a new max personal record in 9 weeks, you’ll get there in 12.

But so what? Better to get there in one piece.

Don’t listen to powerlifters on the Internet who say deloading is for candy asses. That you’re not strong enough yet. That you have to “earn the right”. They’re all injured. Play it safe and back off every fourth week in the Truth About Strength Training Program. You’ll do better in the long run. 

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