Transformassacre Week 3: Will He Train the Same Alone?


Our Marketing Manager Charlie’s commitment to the Transformassacre requires that he train on his own two days out of the week when not working under the guidance of Dan Trink at Peak Performance. He’s been given all of the tools to succeed: a strategic training/diet plan and a rock solid support system. The execution, however, is all on Charlie.

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To ensure Charlie’s success, we paid him a visit during a solo lunch break workout at the New York Health & Racquet Club in Lower Manhanttan. What made this week so pivotal? Simply put, the previous two weeks really kicked his ass. So we feared his intensity might slow when he wasn’t being pushed by a trainer. Let’s go to the tape…


Unbeknownst to Charlie, we brought the footage of his workout to Dan for his review. Here’s what he looked for.

Dan’s Check-In Check List

Form: To ensure training progression and injury prevention.

Tempo: To ensure there’s no cheating on reps and/or weight. Charlie must always follow the strict rep tempo protocols listed in the workout below.

Mental Focus/Intensity: To ensure every rep and every set is quality. Distractions are also to be kept to a minimum.

Acceptance: Charlie is really hard on himself. “Staying positive and realizing that if every rep isn’t perfect, it doesn’t mean that the session wasn’t great. Effort and intention are critical. Missing a rep or going down on a three count instead of four are secondary,” Trink says.

To provide Charlie an extra boost, we called on MF readers via Facebook and Twitter for their motivational quotes from which Charlie drew real inspiration.

Follow all of Charlie’s progress at The 8-Week Fitness Transformassacre and be sure to send him inspiring messages on Facebook and Twitter.


SEQ Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 Goblet Squat 4 10-12 4010 60
A2 DB Neutral Grip Bench Press 4 10-12 4010 60
B1 Single Leg Hamstring Curl 3 8-10 4010 60
B2 Single Arm DB Row 3 8-10 3010 60
C1 Treadmill Intervals 20min.


  Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Week 3 Weight Reps Weight Reps Weight Reps
A1 26 12 26 12 26 12
A2 30 12 30 12 30 12
B1 25 10 25 10 25 10
B2 25 10 25 10 25 10
C1 Run 6min Walk 6min Jog 6min

Workout/Tempo Key:
All Weight in Lbs. unless noted in kg.
OH = Overhead
DB = Dumbbell
D = Down
D/B = Down and Back (40 meters)
4010 = Four seconds down, 0 second pause at bottom, one second lift, 0 second pause at top.
3010 = Three seconds down, 0 second pause at bottom, one second lift, 0 second pause at top.
2010 = Two seconds down, 0 second pause at bottom, one second lift, 0 second pause at top.
AFAP = As Fast As Possible
EXP = Explosive