Transformassacre Week 4: Charlie’s Shocking New Body

Week 4_teaser

In week three, Charlie’s focus, intensity and attention to detail were tested when we dropped in on him working out without his trainer, Dan Trink. The video was proof that he works like an ox just as much on his own. See the backstory >> As we enter the halfway point of the Transformassacre, it’s time to gauge Charlie’s progress thus far. Dan whipped out his computer and calipers and we broke out the cameras. You’ll be impressed with the amount of progress made in just under four weeks—we and Dan definitely were.


But the photos really spoke for themselves. No tanning, no oil and no tricky camera angles; it’s as real as it gets. See more of Charlie’s Before and After Photos >>

Reassessment Day Q&A with Charlie

Men’s Fitness: What differences in your body have you noticed from the start of the Transformassacre until now? Charlie Romano: Without question, my stomach and waistline began to shrink almost instantaneously. I’ve noticed my muscles getting tighter and much leaner while also feeling boosts in strength. Everyday things like running up four flights of stairs from the subway or lifting a 40 lb laundry bag up a few flights of stairs used to get me a little out of breath. Now, it all feels like a breeze. MF: What were you expecting from yourself at the halfway point? CR: I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but I was hoping to see some visual results and improved endurance and strength. I was expecting small gains, but the rate of everything has been pretty surprising to me. MF: What made you most nervous about the reassessment? See more of Charlie’s Q&A >> MF: What made you most nervous about the reassessment? CR: I didn’t feel that nervous. I was initially really hard on myself getting everything right and with Dan’s guidance I was able to get there. It’s no secret that you will get results when you put in hard work and I feel as though I’ve been pushing myself really hard. The only thing that irks me a little bit is that everybody may think things are easier because I am not drastically overweight or anything. Being an ectomorph, I feel like people may think things are easier – but I hope that my efforts thus far will make them revisit that perspective. MF: How did you feel after you got your caliper test and photos taken? CR: I feel like an entirely different person. The progress we’ve made is excellent and I was happy to have the will (along with Dan’s method) to get there—but it’s only made me more hungry and more driven to take this all to the next level. MF: Ironic that pushing yourself so hard and to the limit has not exhausted you, but rather motivated you to be more aggressive. CR: I know, it does sound weird. But everything Dan and the staff at Peak have taught me, along with seeing more of what I’m capable of, has helped me build the will for my mind to tell my body, “Do this set or you will collapse, because I am not stopping.” I’m tired and sore as hell—don’t get me wrong—I just used to fear that feeling and now I look forward to it. MF: Has the diet and supplementation been taking more of a toll on you now that you’re deeper into the Transformassacre? CR: I get sick of some of the food, but just did a little mind-hack where I will have one type of lean protein (like grilled chicken) until I am completely fed up with it and then I will switch to a different type (like sirloin). Sounds boring, but it has made preparing the meals much easier. The supplementation really hasn’t taken a toll on me at all. I’ve been taking GNC’s MegaMen Sport Vitapak as my multivitamin and Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 and made them part of my routine. The nutrients within Wheybolic were approved by the trainers, which was the top priority, and I like the taste and that it mixes well. MF: How has it been to see what MF fans are saying on Facebook and Twitter about the Transformassacre? CR: From the motivational quotes to people applauding my effort, it’s really been one of the key ingredients pushing me further and further. That’s my favorite thing about MFers: they’re not the guys who will watch someone struggle and chuckle. They’re the guys who will root them on and celebrate with them when they cross the finish line. Being able to go through this and have the audience be a part of it is a privilege that I’ll never forget.   Are you working out alongside Charlie in the Transformassacre? Join him on the Fleetly Fitness App. Need motivation? MF readers on Facebook and Twitter submitted tons of motivational quotes to inspire Charlie. Follow all of Charlie’s progress at The 8-Week Fitness Transformassacre and be sure to send him inspiring messages on Facebook and Twitter.

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