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We’ve all heard of HIIT, tabata, spinning, and yoga. But have you heard of doing all four in a single hour? A new training program contains a hybrid of indoor cycling and yoga designed to help you shed pounds, strengthen your entire body, and, of course, relax. “A cycling class will burn more calories than a cardio workout on a treadmill done on your own in the same amount of time,” says Sheperd Baum, owner of Studio 360, a New York City facility offering the hybrid class, which is called Signature Series. “That is going to be the trend with more studios and gyms offering these type of classes.”

A yoga session focused on stretching, posture, flexibility, and stress relief is an ideal cooldown after an intense interval workout. “The hybrid takes your body to a balanced place, since you’re coming from a state where your breath is very labored to controlling your breath and bringing yourself to a place of homeostasis,” says Alissa Carlucci, certified cycling and yoga instructor.

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If you’re not in the New York City area, but still want to give one of Carlucci’s hybrid workouts a shot, try this cycling routine after a resistance training session or on an off day. Then, rest five minutes and go straight into a yoga routine.


Seated Flat: light resistance (80-90 RPM)
Duration: 1-2 minutes
Seated Flat: Moderate resistance (80 RPM)
Duration: 3 minutes
Transition: Moderate resistance, alternating 30 seconds in saddle, 30 seconds out of saddle while holding 80 RPM.
Duration: 4 minutes (increase resistance every minute)
Hill Climb
Seated Flat: Heavy resistance (60-65 RPM)
Duration: 3 minutes
Standing Uphill Sprint: 100+ RPM
Duration: 30 seconds
Recovery: Stabilize at moderate resistance (80 RPM)
Duration: 1 minute


All-out max effort: Moderate resistance (80-90 RPM)
Duration: 20 seconds max effort, followed by 10 seconds recovery for 4 minutes
Seated Flat (Recovery): moderate resistance
Duration: 1 minute
Seated Climb: Moderate increasing to heavy resistance (65-70 RPM)
Duration: 1 minute seated, 1 minute standing, 1 minute seated
Rider’s Choice: Ride at your chosen resistance and RPM
Duration: 3 minutes
Seated Flat: 20 seconds max effort (100+ RPM), followed by 10 seconds recovery (75-80 RPM)
Duration: 4 minutes
Recovery: Light to moderate resistance
Duration: 1 minute
Standing Climb: Intense resistance (60-65 RPM)
Duration: 5 minutes
Seated Climb: Decrease resistance, increase speed
Duration: 5 minutes

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