The Truth Hurts: MF Tackles CrossFit Open WOD 13.2 [VIDEO]

MF’s social media manager Christopher Hunt will be tackling a new CrossFit Open workout each week in hopes of making the cut and gaining coveted entry into the Games. Stay tuned for videos and blog posts chronicling his experiences with the torturous WODs and find out if he has what it takes to go all the way.


The truth is not subtle. It’s unrelenting and unforgiving.

I was reminded of this when I took on CrossFit Open WOD 13.2. I started to worry the minute I saw that the 10-minute AMRAP included 5 shoulder-to-overhead presses, 10 deadlifts, and 15 box jumps. The weight was light—only 115 pounds—but this meant that I needed to be efficient if I wanted a high score.

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I planned to dive right into the push presses. Efficiency was key here, so I made sure to have smooth transitions from presses to deadlifts, which meant not dropping the bar. But my technique was just short of terrible, and calamity struck early.

I tripped on my first round of box jumps. I tried to shake it off. I told myself not to watch the time and to just keep plowing through, which I did. But on the second round, I overshot the box, landing with all my weight on the far side of the box and tipping it over. I didn’t fall, but it cost me time. Again.

Then it was back to the bar. Suddenly that 115-pound press wasn’t so light anymore, and I struggled to muscle it over my head. The deadlifts were easy but deceptive. I rushed through them and was huffing and puffing when I went back to the box. The last thing you want at the start of a series of box jumps is to be out of breath. That quick hop from the ground to the box slowed to a jump up and a step down. Then it was a step up and a step down. Swallow the misery and repeat.

I have to thank Nelson Dellis for being my partner and for cheering me on. Coincidentally, MF’s Kim Tranell wrote a story on Nelson, the two-time winner of the USA Memory Championship, last week. I wish he could have given me a formula to forget this WOD.

I wanted to get through eight full rounds, which equaled 240 reps. With that, I would have at least salvaged the workout—and ultimately my pride. But there was too much struggling with the push presses, too much time between rounds, and too much climbing the box like a toddler scaling the stairs.

I finished with 235 reps and a headache. It’s not a bad score, but for me, I wouldn’t call it a good one. Open WOD 13.2 kicked me in the gut and the truth punched me in the face.

The truth is CrossFit will find the things you suck at and highlight them. Thanks for that, CrossFit. Next week, I fight back.

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