Try This 2-Minute Fix to Boost Your Fitness at the Office


Whether you’re a full-time desk jockey, a 911 operator, or a Supreme Court justice (dude, it could happen), science has discovered an important trick you can use to stay healthier and live longer.

According to a University of Utah School of Medicine study, getting up and walking for at least two minutes every hour can lower your risk of early death by 33%. And no, just standing up doesn’t cut it. “When getting up, try light-intensity activities like casual walking or going up stairs,” says study lead Srinivasan Beddhu, Ph.D. “Activities of very low intensity, such as standing, aren’t as beneficial.”

To remember your healthy hourly stroll (you may want to give your boss a heads-up first, lest he/she read some intrigue into your wanderings), set an app or timer and get creative to form some new habits. For example: Instead of drinking water out of a huge bottle at your desk, use a small glass and refill it often; take the long (as in, opposite) route to the copier; get coffee from across the street, not the kitchen; walk downstairs and back; and use the restroom at the far end of your work area.

Even if you’re just couch-potatoing at home, take time between TV shows or book chapters to haul ass—your heart will thank you. 

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