Trying Out the New Duck Dynasty Beard Balm

Courtesy of Honest Amish

Beards aren't easy to maintain. My guess is that somebody like James Harden, with all his millions of dollars, probably has somebody trim up his beard a few times a week; the rest of us can't really spend that sort of money and might not have the time, so keeping things looking good is of the utmost importance. 

You've maybe never seen an episode of the show Duck Dynasty, but you're probably aware that the members of the Robertson clan maintain some of the most impressive beards you'll find anywhere. And since the members of the family have been known to put their name on a number of products – from golf balls to beer koozies – it was only a matter of time before there was a line of grooming products for guys with facial hair bearing the likeness of one of the members of the dynasty. 

Of course, there's reason to be skeptical of Jep's Beard Balm, or any product that contains premium organic ingredients, wild harvested botanicals, essential oils, and organic fruit and nut butters to help you take care of your beard. All you need is a buzzer and maybe a boar bristle brush, right? That's definitely what I used to think. 

I've had a beard for over a decade, only shaving it off a handful of times because I thought I'd look better without it. But the fact I had to face every time is that I just look better with one than without. That, plus my wife actually prefers me bearded, so there doesn't seem to be any point in shaving it off anymore. Yet maintaining it, I find, is often difficult. I worry I might start looking like a character out of a Russian novel; my beard might look unkempt, and it might start to take on smells only attractive to my dog. 

So I tried Jep's, applying some to my beard after a trim and a shower. My initial worry was that my face would become greasy, but after a few seconds of massaging the balm upward from below the chin, my facial hair felt softer. 

The next day, I switched up from the balm to the "Premium Reserves" beard oil. Since I've never been given instructions as how to properly maintain my beard with specialty products, I wasn't sure if I was supposed to use both at the same time (the answer, I found out, is you can: oil first, then balm), so I figured I'd try them both out at the time. 

The oil added a bit more volume to my beard, and also added a woodsy scent that my wife said smelled a bit like an apple orchard. Combined with the D.S. & Durga "Mississippi Medicine" cologne I had applied, the oil mixed well and wasn't overwhelming or really detectable unless you were literally standing with your face in my beard. 

Ultimately, how you take care of your beard is up to you. If you're content with applying a little bit of the conditioner in your shower, you're might be just as well off. At around $20 dollars a pop, Beard balm and oil might seem like an unnecessary expense to some. But if you're looking to up your beard maintenance game, it is money well spent. 

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