Two Healthy Snacks Go Head-to-Head


When Clif introduced us to its new line of Mojo bars last year, the resemblance to Kind bars was hard to ignore. We certainly aren’t complaining: Both salty-sweet snacks pack in whole nuts, grains, and other real-food ingredients and skip the synthetic garbage found in most wannabe nutrition bars. But if you compare these two head-to-head nutritionally, which one should you reach for?

As far as calories go, it’s pretty much a wash. All 13 Mojo flavors and 21 Kind varieties have between 190 and 210 calories, which is the perfect amount for a snack. More important, the calories in both bars come from nutrient-dense sources, mainly nuts, which provide enough healthy fats, fiber, and protein to fill you up and give you sustained energy.

Looking at fat content, Clif Mojo comes in a bit lower, ranging from 9 to 12 grams of fat, depending on the flavor. Kind has a few varieties with 9 or 10 grams, although most are slightly higher, in the 12-to-16-grams range. But having a little less fat doesn’t necessarily give Clif the edge here. Mojo bars can get away with less because they contain fewer whole nuts – the biggest source of fat in either bar – and usually just one kind, such as peanuts or almonds. By contrast, almost every Kind bar includes a medley of nuts. And since the fat in nuts is predominantly the heart-healthy mono- and polyunsaturated types (there are a few grams of saturated fat in every bar but not enough to worry about), a few more fat grams in Kind bars is OK.

When it comes to sugar, again, we’re at an impasse: Kind’s eight Fruit & Nut options incorporate whole, dried fruits such as apricots, apples, cranberries, and dates for sweetness but also essential vitamins and minerals. Clif has five options in its Fruit category. Fruit does increase the amount of sugar in the bars, but when it’s coming from real fruit, we’ll take it.

The bottom line: Both bars taste great and pack a solid nutritional punch with reasonable calorie, fat, and sugar content, so it’s a really close call. And while Kind has more flavors to choose from, Clif Mojo has a bit less fat. We’re going to call a tie here. If you’re looking for a snack and can find either of these bars – go for it.