Two Tips to Increase Your Lifts: Overhead Press

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Are you still stuck at the same number you have been at for the last year? Frustrated that despite visiting the gym religiously day in and day out you just can’t seem to get stronger? If so, we have the solution to your problem. This week, we’ll take a look at two ways to increase your overhead press with Jason Phillips. Incorporate the following assistance work into your program and start setting new PRs!

Two Strategies to Increase Your Overhead Press

Tip One: Get the Lower Body Involved
The barbell push press is a more explosive version of the standard military press, it incorporates the entire lower body and uses the core for assistance. The result is increased bar speed and the ability to handle heavier loads.

Do this:
Replace your standard military press with a push press for 2-3 weeks. Be sure to emphasize the lockout phase of the movement. You may also want to consider alternating the two movements every 2-3 weeks to ensure constant progression.

Tip Two: Focus More on Core
Core strength is a major player to increasing overhead lifts by providing assistance and stability through your abs and lower back. The lockout phase in particular, can be difficult if the core is weak.

Do this:
Incorporate other overhead movements that actively engage the core. Overhead shrugs and overhead squats are perfect examples of movements that will prime up the conditiong of your core and, of course, build powerful shoulders and legs.


About the Trainer:

Jason Phillips, owner of Jason Phillips Fitness has a decade of experience in the fitness industry.  His clientele includes NFL, PGA, and NHL athletes as well as professional physique competitors, models, and of course the weekend warriors.  His unique approach has brought results to hundreds of people around the world.  Jason’s work can found at

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