Ultimate Athlete Countdown: Getting Pumped for Competition

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Men’s Fitness Ultimate Athlete 2012 kicks off on September 28th at the Olympia Fitness and Performance Expo in Las Vegas—and by all accounts, competition for this year’s title is going to be fierce. If you haven’t signed up, there’s still time to prove you’ve what it takes to crush those other guys as you go head to head on baseball, basketball, football and MMA challenges (sign up here). 

Once you’ve secured your spot, you may just want a few pointers to ensure that you take top prize. We figured, who better to provide the insight you need to win than Kyle Clarke, a former U.S. Army Captain from Las Vegas. He’s appeared ont he cover of 40 national and international fitness magazines, and has competed in almost every sport you can think of (including bull riding). 

This week and next, Kyle will be letting you in on what you might expect from the Ultimate Athlete competiton, and offering you tips, tricks and strategies for winning the grand prize.

From Kyle: 

There are now only just two weeks left until Mr. Olympia, which is hosted every year in my hometown, Las Vegas, NV!  I have decided that I want to compete again, but this time… not in a competition that judges solely on physical appearance.  While growing up my heroes were Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ben Wallace, LL Cool J, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and several others with flawless physiques.  But it wasn’t just their physical attributes that motivated me to transform myself.  They all used their skills in strength and performance as a platform to greatness.

Men’s Fitness has captured that essence by creating the Men’s Fitness Ultimate Athlete—a combination of challenges including basketball, football, baseball, and an MMA extreme fit course.  This competition measures not only how well you can prepare, but also how well you can perform under pressure. The sole reason I wanted to get bigger and in better shape as a kid, was to be better at playing sports. This is the ideal competition for athletes to exemplify the highest levels of physical fitness by using their strength and skill sets to dominate in several different sports. Are you up for the challenge?  

I know I am.

Over the course of the next two weeks, I’m going to break down, in detail, how I am preparing for each area of the competition.  Not only will I be giving you smart ideas on how to work on technique and form for each sport, but also exercises you can do in the gym to strengthen the muscles used as well.  With a combination of resistance training and specific event training, anyone can be a top contender in the Men’s Fitness Ultimate Athlete competition.

First up: Basketball! Look for my blog next week explaining exactly how I am training for those 3-pointers and what drills I am doing to improve my performance level.


Kyle Clark HeadshotAbout Kyle: Kyle Clarke is a former U.S. Army Captain and Civil Engineer from Las Vegas, NV. He currently serves as a senior brand specialist for MRI Performance and does his training at Equinox West Hollywood.

Kyle was skiing before he could walk, playing baseball, basketball, and soccer from 5 years old until high school, played ice hockey and ran track in college, rode bulls for the Army, and also jumped out of perfectly good airplanes. He has won fitness competitions in the past, but now focuses on helping other’s achieve their goals. He also competes in physically demanding competitions, like Men’s Fitness Ultimate Athlete.


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