The Ultimate At-home Arms Workout

Dumbbells At Home
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Between weather and work schedules, it’s easy to miss a gym session. Notice, we said gym session and not lifting session.

Whether you’re in the gym or at home, this dumbbell-only Armageddon routine will get your arms pumped up fast.


Perform 8-15 reps of each exercise. For starters, use lighter weight and complete the workout once. If you’re a more experienced lifter, go through the routine three times per week, resting at least two days between workouts.

The workout

  1. DB shoulder press
  2. DB front lateral raise*
  3. DB shoulder press
  4. DB rear-shoulder flye
  5. DB triceps extension
  6. Triceps dip**
  7. Close-grip pushup
  8. DB biceps curl
  9. DB biceps curl to shoulder press
  10. DB biceps curl with supination***
  11. DB biceps curl

*Raise one dumbbell to the front while raising the other dumbbell to the side. Alternate arms. That’s one rep.
**If not using a dip bar, utilize a bench, chair, desk, or the floor.
***If using an adjustable dumbbell like the Bowflex Select Tech Dumbbells, add more weight to just one side of each dumbell for an increased pump.

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