The Ultimate Soundtrack to Get the Best Sleep Ever

The Ultimate Soundtrack to Get the Best Sleep Ever

If you find the notion of counting sheep to fall asleep infuriating, but still need something to nestle you into a deep slumber, you’ll be thrilled to hear a British composer has written a lullaby that will help you do just that.

Max Richter is the man behind the music. Richter spent about two years writing and recording the eight-hour piece of music (though, hopefully you’ll only ever really hear the beginning and end) that’s designed to put you to sleep. 

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Sleeping and being asleep is one of my favorite activities,” Richter told NPR . “Really, what I wanted to do is provide a landscape or a musical place where people could fall asleep.”

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Richter and his ensemble will premier the piece in Berlin this fall—playing from midnight till 8a.m. in a customized venue—use your imagination as to what that will look like—but you don’t need a passport to hear the music. You can listen to a live stream of the song tonight, September 3rd. Here are some instructions from his website

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Max invites you to stream his 8-hour piece SLEEP free for one night only, worldwide and across all time zones:

After the event, share your experiences, dreams and thoughts using the hashtag #OneWorldSleep, via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, which all feed into the website.

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· Stream opens on 3rd September starting at 8pm YOUR local time – wherever you are based!
· You’ll need to input your name and e-mail address in order to access the stream
· This will be the first time you can actually get to hear the full 8-hour piece!

 This man may just be the British hero of our (sweet) American dreams.

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