Ultramarathon Runner Sets Treadmill Distance World Records With ‘Terrible’ 24-Hour Workout

Marathon Runner Sets Treadmill Record / Twitter ‏@runproctor

Talk about needing a water break.

Ultramarathon runner Dave Proctor slogged his way through a 24-hour treadmill workout over Memorial Day weekend, covering 260.4 kilometres (nearly 162 miles) en route to setting unofficial Guinness World records in distance traveled over 12-hour and 24-hour intervals.

“I hate running right now. I don’t want to ever go out for a run,” Proctor told the Calgary Herald after completing his stationary death march. “That was a terrible choice. That really, really, really hurt.”

Proctor, who already held the Canadian 24-hour record for road running, completed 139.2km—nearly 87 miles—in 12 hours, flying past the previous record by a margin of six kilometers. During his 24-hour run, he averaged just under nine minutes per mile while establishing the milestone.

The 35-year-old did the record run as part of a group at the Calgary Marathon Expo supporting families affected by mitochondrial disease, so he wasn’t the only one to set new marks. Altogether, the group established seven world treadmill records, including team distance and the fastest to 100 kilometres.