The Unbreakable Moment Series: Matthias Giraud’s Life on the Edge

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For Matthias Giraud, PRO TREK WSD-F20A isn’t just a watch. It’s a tool that could save his life. Checking the PRO TREK before he skis off a cliff helps ensure his safety. “It’s all part of a process,” says Giraud. “Habits keep you safe. Pilots have a process before they fly, and I have a routine I’ve perfected before I jump.”

That process includes using his PRO TREK to check the barometric pressure on the mountain. “It’s a very precise way to calculate danger. Any time the pressure gets below a certain level, it’s bad news. Just within a few levels of atmospheric pressure, you can get some drastic weather changes. The watch is very useful for what I do.”

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“Preparing for a jump . . . It’s almost spiritual.”

Matthias is a big fan of the PRO TREK’s GPS capabilities—and he laments that he didn’t buy the watch sooner. The Frenchman specializes in skiing off “subterminal” cliffs—precipices so low that the jumper can’t reach terminal velocity—with a parachute on his back. In 2011, he was the first man ever to perform this feat off the Matterhorn, almost losing his life in the process. “It’s not a good idea to ski the Matterhorn.” He grins. “It’s a pile of rocks.” With that Matterhorn jump, Matthias notched the unofficial record for the world’s highest ski BASE jump—but if he’d had the PRO TREK watch with him at the time, he could have recorded the altitude from where he jumped—and made it official. Going forward, he says with a wry smile, the PRO TREK’s GPS “will help me calculate my location very accurately.”

I’m aware that it’s hard for people to wrap their mind around this stuff. Not many people want to ski to the edge of the world and fall into the abyss. But I do.

The gleam in Matthias’s eye signals a man in love with life. And why not? He confronts death regularly, which seems to have honed his appreciation for the simple moments. A quiet evening with a good book, an afternoon surf near his home in Oregon, teaching his five-year-old son to skateboard on their backyard ramp.

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Success Is in the Vision. Survival Is in the Details.

PRO TREK is the ideal timepiece for an adventurer like Matthias. The watch tracks bearing, altitude and atmospheric pressure measurements, and it shows sunrise and sunset times. The GPS capability shows current location, saves daily location info, and allows for point markers and point navigation. The Moment Setter allows Matthias to input achievements, schedules, and goal notifications. The PRO TREK also boasts a tide graph and an activity graph, which counts steps and calories. What’s more, the watch is powered with Wear OS by Google, which gives the ultimate in convenience by sending notifications that you can reply to right from the watch, and favorite apps can be downloaded directly from the Google Play™ store to the watch. In short, the watch helps Matthias visualize every tiny detail of a jump. It’s a tool that aligns perfectly with his personal motto: Success is in the vision. Survival is in the details.

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“You have to have an active mind when you do this stuff. All it takes is one mistake on a jump, and then you won’t be able to try it ever again.” He laughs, despite the gravity of the statement. In fact, Matthias never seems to stop laughing—except when packing his parachute, waxing his skis, setting his PRO TREK. These activities are done with the utmost seriousness.

But for now, he’s chattering and chuckling. “I’m aware that it’s hard for people to wrap their mind around this stuff. Not many people want to ski to the edge of the world and fall into the abyss. But I do.”

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