United States of Muscle: Ranking America’s Brawniest States in 2015


Americans love to prove how jacked we are. 

But which states are the strongest (and the weakest)? And which are America’s strongest muscles? Now, thanks to fitness tracker company Skulpt, we can finally know just how much buffer we are than the rest of the world.

Skulpt—makers of the Aim, which the company says is the “first and only” fitness tracker that can rate the quality of individual muscles—analyzed the data and results of over 600 anonymous users from their internal database to produce their Fitness State of the Nation Report.

They found that America’s biggest muscles are in the upper body: triceps, chest, shoulders, and forearms. No surprise there—we love the show muscles. But sift through the data, and there are a few really interesting takeaways:

 > The South Dominates: They just make ’em bigger in Dixie. Louisiana takes the top spot, with Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee rounding out the top five. (For some reason, Georgia comes in dead last). SEC! SEC! SEC!

 > New Jersey Fights Into the Top 10: Say what you will about Jersey stereotypes, but the Springsteen State is doing something right. Jersey guys have jacked upper bodies—triceps, upper back, and chest are the three strongest muscle groups there, as they are through most of the Northeast.

 > The Glute Capital of the U.S.: Again, we hate to lean on stereotypes here, but the data says Las Vegas is home to the most toned butts in America. That said, the competition wasn’t too, ahem, tight: Glutes and calves are America’s weakest muscle groups.

Here’s the total survey results, courtesy of Skulpt (click/tap the headers to sort the table by state or muscle quality—100 is average, per Skulpt, the higher your MQ the greater your fitness):

State Muscle Quality
Louisiana 129
Alabama 127.1
Mississippi 127
Missouri 126
Tennessee 124
Idaho 123.3
Maryland 123.2
Virginia 121.9
New Jersey 121.85
Illinois 121.6
Michigan 120.6
Ohio 120.1
DC 119
Vermont 118.8
Arkansas 118
North Dakota 117.7
Texas 117.3
North Carolina 117
California 116.6
South Dakota 116.3
Minnesota 116.2
Kentucky 116
New Hampshire 116
New York 115.1
Colorado 115
Massachusetts 115
Connecticut 114.83
New Mexico 114.4
Wisconsin 114.3
Arizona 114.2
Oregon 114.2
Utah 114
Iowa 113.2
Hawaii 112
Indiana 112
Washington 111.7
Pennsylvania 110.5
Nevada 110.1
Alaska 110
Delaware 109.6
Kansas 108
West Virginia 108
Maine 106.5
Montana 106
Florida 105.9
South Carolina 105.5
Wyoming 105
Nebraska 104
Rhode Island 104
Oklahoma 103.1
Georgia 99.1