The Upper-body Inner-beast Workout for Big, Strong, and Shredded Shoulders, Pecs, and Triceps

If we had to pick six exercises to grow your upper body giant, these would be them. FOCUS NYC trainer and powerlifter Luis Tejada demos the Upper-Body Inner-Beast Workout.

The workout (designed by Tim McComsey, TRYMFit)

(2-minute breaks on 5 x 5 exercises)
(90-second breaks on 4 x 6 exercises)
(60-second breaks on 3 x 8 exercises)

1. Barbell Chest Press – 5 x 5
2. Pullups – Weighted – 5 x 5
3. Barbell Standing Shoulder Press – 4 x 6
4. Barbell Shrugs – 4 x 6
5. Weighted Dips – 3 x 8
6. Barbell Bicep Curls – 3 x8

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Top: Lululemon
Bottom: Nike
Shoes: PUMA

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