Don’t Give In: Use Noom to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

new year's resolution to lose weight

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Check the calendar—it’s almost February! If you’ve made it this far in your New Year’s resolution lose weight, congrats! Now, the hard part starts.

It’s true. Most people give up their New Year’s resolutions within a week. Of those who last longer but still give up, most throw in the towel before the end of February. But studies have shown that if you can keep your New Year’s resolution through February, your chances of success increase dramatically. That goes for most New Year’s resolutions, whether you’re quitting smoking, reading more—or losing weight.

So hang in there. You’ve made it this far. But if you need extra motivation to keep your New Year’s resolution to lose weight, you should download the Noom app and join Noom today.

Noom is more than just a diet. Noom is a lifestyle management program that not only tracks your diet and exercise but pinpoints and eliminates the urges that drive you to overeat or skip the gym in the first place. That’s right. Of course, Noom provides you with all the tools you need to stick to your diet and fitness regimen. But Noom goes beyond that. Far beyond.

The best part about Noom is that it holds you accountable. Noom relies on its (easy and simple) app to communicate. And we all use apps these days. They’re a part of life, and we use them for so many things. Banking. Shopping. And naturally, many of us already use an app for fitness tracking or diet-logging.

Noom rolls all those diet and fitness-tracking apps up into one interface—and includes a personal Coach who you can chat with and ask questions, get advice, and much more. Noom makes weight loss as effortless and easy as it can possibly be.

But if you’re leery, you need to get over using an app to help you lose weight. There’s nothing fancy or “millennial” about Noom. It’s nothing more than a smart and easy way to get fit, stay fit, make good decisions—and keep your New year’s resolution to lose weight.

If your New Year’s resolution is to get in shape in 2020, the toughest part is yet to come. So download and join Noom today and get through February. Once you make it to March, your new diet and fitness regimen won’t be “new” anymore, and it won’t be a resolution. It’ll be your lifestyle. Your new and fabulous lifestyle.

Just stick with it. You can do it. And Noom will help.

Beat your New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Sign up for your two-week trial of Noom today!


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