Video: The Workout to Build Powerful, 3-Dimensional Shoulders

Want to carve boulder-sized shoulders? Hit them from every angle with this unique workout of stacked supersets.

How heavy should you go? Choose a pair of dumbbells that let you comfortably bang out 15 reps.


Exercises marked with the same number (1A and 1B, for example) are part of the same superset. Do the ‘A’ exercise for the prescribed reps, then go immediately to the ‘B’ exercise. when you finish the ‘B’ exercise, rest for 2 minutes. That’s 1 superset. Complete 3 supersets total, and then move on to the next superset.

The Workout:

1A. Neutral Grip Dumbbell Presses x 10-12 repetitions
1B. Dumbbell High Pull x 10-12 repetitions

Complete 3 sets.
Rest 2 minutes.

2A. Heavy Partial Rep Side Laterals x 10-12 repetitions
2B. Side Lateral Raises x 10-12 repetitions

Complete 3 sets
Rest 2 minutes

3A. Dumbbell Front Raise x 10-12 repetitions
3B. Dumbbell Rear Flye x 10-12 repetitions

Complete 3 sets
Rest 2 minutes


The exercises in this routine are demonstrated with a fast tempo as a part of a fat-burning routine. Regardless of your repetition tempo, always keep control of the weight through the entire range of motion. Don’t believe us about tempo? Check out our story on common fitness myths>>>

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