Vin Diesel Showed up in Cuba Wearing a White Denim Vest for ‘Fast 8’

Vin Diesel celebrates his arrival in Cuba for the filming of 'Fast 8.' via Instagram / @vindiesel


We’ve reached peak Vin.

Vin Diesel posted a spot-on video of himself and director F. Gary Gray, as they arrived for Fast 8 filming in Havana, Cuba—a location that “nobody ever thought would be possible,” Diesel says.

And what does he wear? A white denim vest (apparently with nothing underneath it), because that’s how Vin Diesel rolls.

(If you feel so compelled to pull off the same look, try pairing the vest with a neutral gray t-shirt and a pair of dark navy linen chinos. It also helps if you have shoulders like Vin.)

“There’s a lot of love here, and we’re just really proud to be here, man,” he says, in his trademark growl. “This is paradise. Cuba is where the Torettos started”—a reference to Dom Toretto, Diesel’s character in the Fast & Furious franchise. “It’s Fast 8, it’s Dom Toretto, here, back in his homeland, and Gary’s about to rip it.”

“The channeling of Dom begins here in Cuba,” Diesel wrote. “Gracias por todo mi gente!”


The gang’s all back for the latest installment, which is also set to film in New York City, Iceland, and Atlanta. Dwayne Johnson, fresh off his filming for the Baywatch movie, is already stacking on size to reprise his role as Hobbs. Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris Bridges, and Eva Mendes are back. Kurt Russell is set to return as the mysterious Frank Petty, with Scott Eastwood as his right-hand-man. The big news? Charlize “Fast and Furiosa” Theron is set to portray a villain in the newest installment.

Fast 8 is set to roar into theaters on April 14, 2017.


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