Want to Make HIIT Infinitely More Bearable? Crank up the Tunes.


Scratch most “regular exercisers” and underneath you’ll find someone who tried HIIT (high-intensity interval training) once and just couldn’t hack it—the short-but-extreme bursts of effort can be daunting for fitness pros and sweating-like-a-pig newbies alike.

It’s a shame, because HIIT can boost your body’s fat-burning abilities and give you a time-efficient cardio and health strategy: Just 10 minutes, three times a week, can get you as healthy as the recommended 150 minutes a week of low-intensity exercise. 

But there’s hope: Listening to music of any kind—as long as it’s your favorite tunes—during HIIT will make you not only enjoy it more but also look forward more to the next brutal session, says recent research in the Journal of Sports Sciences.

So pop in the earbuds—like these 5 sports performance pairs—and pump up the jams. The sweat will be even sweeter.

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