Watch This 17-Year-Old Set the World Record for Pullups

Andrew Shapiro Pull-up Record / YouTube Allen Shapiro

For a solid day at the gym, doing 30, 40, 50 pullups should make you feel like you did some good work, right?

Sorry, dude: Andrew Shapiro has you beat.

The 17-year-old high school student from Virginia—who dreams of competing on American Ninja Warrior some day—did over 7,000 pullups last weekend to set multiple unofficial Guinness World Records.

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Shapiro started off by doing 3,515 pullups in six hours. That was world record No. 1. That would be enough for most of us, but Shapiro kept pulling—likely ignoring the impending blisters on his hands—and set the 12-hour record with 5,742 pullups. Bingo: world record No. 2.

That left the 24-hour record as the next to go down—and Shapiro even had time to spare. The reality competition hopeful did 7,306 pullups in 18 hours, easily destroying the previous record set by Czech athlete Jan Kares, who had done 6,800 pullups in 2015.

This should make for a pretty great audition tape for American Ninja Warrior

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