Watch: 18-year-old High School Student Squats 1,005 Pounds Equipped

18-year-old high school student squats 1,005 pounds equipped

Texas high school senior Joseph Peña made a name for himself—and impressed even the most hardcore powerlifters—when he broke the junior and sub-junior world record with an 805-pound raw squat at the 2016 World Powerlifting Championships in Killeen, Texas.

In a new video posted to his personal Instagram account, the 18-year-old student shows off his ridiculous strength yet again by squatting 1,005 pounds (455.9kg) wearing just a single-ply squatting suit and a lifting belt.

But racking up powerlifting accolades isn’t the only item on Peña’s to-do list—he’s also a rising football star in pursuit of a college scholarship. A varsity offensive lineman since his freshman year, Peña is undeniably one of the strongest high school recruits in the country. And at 6 feet tall and roughly 340 pounds, Peña has coaches drooling over his perfect combination of size, weight, and speed.

Check out the jaw-dropping equipped squat in the video below.

Need I say more ….. #1005 🤘👌💪

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