Watch 85-Year-Old Ruth Bader Ginsburg Power Through an Impressive Workout

Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Michael Kovac / Getty Images

Next time you’re thinking about going easy on the planks or skipping the gym altogether for a couple days, just remember that somewhere in Washington, D.C., 85-year-old Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is ripping through sets of medicine ball pushups, wall squats, and pulldowns with ease alongside her personal trainer, Bryant Johnson.

The two-time cancer survivor is an octogenarian workhorse, implementing aerobics, weight training, and TRX bands in order to stay in shape and prolong her career “at least five more years.” Stories of her workouts have piqued the curiosity of both the media and the public over the years, prompting political writers and celebrities like Stephen Colbert to try the routine out for themselves (spoiler alert: they couldn’t hang).

In 2017, Johnson—whom Ginsburg has said is the “most important person” in her life—penned a book about his experience working out with the justice, titled The RBG Workout: How She Stays Strong . . . and You Can Too!. Now you can see Ginsburg in action in the video below, courtesy of a clip from the upcoming CNN documentary RBG.

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