WATCH: 95-Year-Old Demolishes 200m-Sprint Record

Charles Eugster

Here’s something you don’t see every day: Charles Eugster (The man. The legend.) the 95-year old dentist and bodybuilder from London, set a new age group world record by running an indoor 200m in 55.48 seconds. 

Dubbed ‘The World’s Fittest Old Age Pensioner,’ Eugster demolished the M95 (men 95 and older) record set some 35 years ago by nearly 19 seconds, racing ‘round the track at the British Masters Athletics Federation Championships with surprising ease and mobility.

But Eugster’s no one-trick pony. He’s got quite a few other claims to fame (other than trouncing old-timers in sprints). The 95-year-old is the reigning Strenflex World Champion in the 80+ category, has dominated over 100 rowing events (he’s brought home 36 World Masters Rowing gold medals), dabbles in international decathlons and is a Swiss national fitness champion. 

Which begs the question: How old are you and what have you done?

Followed by, do you want to kick this much ass when you hit 95? 

To which your answer should be: ‘Yes. Yes, I do.’ 

For some of Eugster’s tips on succeeding well into your Golden Years, go here, here and here.  

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