Watch: Bodybuilder Takes Out Judge, Goes Nuclear After Losing Competition

Bodybuilder Ioannis Magkos gets physical at the 2016 IFBB Diamond Cup. Photo via YouTube / Levrone2000

Ioannis Magkos doesn’t take losing well.

The Greek bodybuilder had claimed the 100kg title at the 2016 IFBB Diamond Cup in Greece over the weekend, and apparently he thought he’d locked up the overall tournament win. But when he found out that he’d placed second overall—his third straight silver-medal finish at the competition, according to —he decided he’d had enough.

And Magkos went nuclear.

After the results came in, Magkos climbed off the stage, and, in a haze of oil and perfectly sculpted deltoids, bull-rushed the judges’ tables. When master of ceremonies Armando Marquez stepped up to talk to Magkos, the bodybuilder responded by hitting Marquez open-handed across the face, knocking the MC to the floor with a single stunning hit. (Oh, and by the way: Marquez might not be the tallest guy around, but he’s no wilting violet—the guy is shredded.)

A few sites reported that Magkos also flipped over the judges’ tables and whipped out his penis in front of the judges, but we can’t exactly confirm that, since neither video shows it in, uh, especially noticeable detail.

Here’s a look at the whole episode from a seat in the auditorium:


And if that’s not enough, here’s an up-close-and-personal shot of Magkos’ eruption, including a pretty brutal angle of his hit on Marquez:

The IFBB is already considering suspending Magkos from the sport for life because of “his disrespectful and aggressive behavior toward IFBB officials, athletes, and the general public,” the organization announced Monday in a statement on Facebook.

Our take? Just remember, guys: No matter how jacked and shredded you think you are, you will always look like an idiot by going on a rampage at a bodybuilding competition when covered in spray tanner and wearing tiny blue posing trunks.

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