Watch: Chris Jericho Suffers Through Hot Wings and Talks About Smoking Cigars With Arnold Schwarzenegger

Chris Jericho
Courtesy First We Feast on YouTube

Looks like chicken wings just made it onto Chris Jericho’s list.

On the latest episode of First We Feast’s YouTube show Hot Ones, host Sean Evans interviewed the legendary WWE superstar while subjecting him to a series of increasingly torturous hot sauces.

During the interview, Jericho is incredibly candid, explaining how he got into an unscripted vulgar spat with fellow superstar Neville, and his attempt at doing the “gallon challenge” (spoilers: There is vomit involved). He also explains the story behind an Instagram photo where he smoked a cigar with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

While Jericho does an admirable job of pushing through the first several waves of wings, he soon meets his match when he tries a sauce ranked at a whopping 135,600 Scoville units. Y2J’s verdict? “That f**king sucks!” While he is visibly sweating by the end of the video, he still does his best to answer Evans’ questions.

Let’s just hope Jericho’s next opponent in the ring isn’t as brutal as “The Last Dab”.

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