Watch: Chris Pine Returns As Captain Kirk in the ‘Star Trek: Beyond’ Trailer

Chris Pine stars as Captain James Kirk in 'Star Trek: Beyond'

Captain Kirk is back at the command of the Enterprise.

Chris Pine returns as the iconic Starfleet captain in Star Trek Beyond, the third installment of Paramount’s epic reboot series—and if this new trailer is any indication, it looks like his character is facing his biggest challenge yet.

Kirk has his old pals back: Spock (played again with aplomb by Zachary Quinto), Bones (Karl Urban, in one of his now-signature roles), and Uhura (the ever-fiery Zoe Saldana). Also returning are the affable Scotty (veteran comedian Simon Pegg), Sulu (John Cho), and Chekov (the late Anton Yelchin.)

But unlike the previous two Star Trek movies, whose settings at least orbited around Earth, Beyond takes us deep into the galaxy, where new, and apparently even more dangerous, alien horde—led by Idris Elba’s intimidating, blue-faced Krall—split up the Enterprise crew and push them to new limits. It looks like we might just be getting in touch with Kirk’s emotional side, too: “You spend all this time trying to be your father,” Bones growls to Kirk in a quiet moment. “Now you’re wondering just what it means to be you.”

Like his character, Pine has been living life at warp speed. Besides gracing the cover of our July/August 2016 issuedownload a digital edition here—Pine has been wielding “club bells” and kettlebells to get in the shape to survive both Hollywood life and hostile Klingons. Pine’s six-workout-a-week regimen has paid dividends, and Pine’s star has risen as high as those he navigates in deep space.

J.J. Abrams will stay on as producer for Beyond, but he’s tagged out for Justin Lin, of Fast and the Furious fame, who will hop aboard the Enterprise as director. Lin should be right at home, as he trades tricked-out whips for intergalactic ships. The result: a fast-paced feel as the Enterprise careens throughout the galaxy.

Let’s see if Lin, backed by the new generation’s reliable cast, can take this franchise where no man has gone before. Trekkies won’t have to hold their breath much longer, as Star Trek Beyond is due for a July 22 release. 

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