Watch: Chris Pine Is Very Proud of His ‘Harrison Ford Moment’ in ‘Wonder Woman’

Chris Pine In 'Wonder Woman,' Starring Gal Gadot
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

There’s no denying that the fiercely talented (and absolutely stunning) Gal Gadot is the star of Wonder Woman, and actor Chris Pine is more than happy to have his character (Steve Trevor) get bailed out by the Amazonian superhero from Themiscyira throughout the film. 

During a Tuesday night appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Pine revealed that a scene in which he punches one of the bad guys, and then shakes his hand out because the force of the punch hurt (something that wouldn’t make Wonder Woman even flinch), was one of his favorite moments in the movie. And his reason behind it may surprise you.

Pine loved that “hit and that hand deal,” as he describes the moment, particularly because it felt “very Harrison Ford-ish,” referencing the iconic (and hilarious) Indiana Jones and Star Wars actor. 

Check out the funny clip from Pine’s appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and find out who he’d use Wonder Woman’s “lasso of truth” on, in the video below: 

Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Pine, Gadot, Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen, Ewen Bremner, Elena Anaya, David Thewlis, Lucy Davis, Danny Huston, and Doutzen Kroes, will be released on June 2. 

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