Watch Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington Join Forces in the Badass New ‘Magnificent Seven’ Trailer

Watch Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington Join Forces in the Badass New ‘Magnificent Seven’ Trailer

A lot has changed since 1960, but one thing remains the same: We love a good Western.

That’s right: The Magnificent Seven are back. The squad will be headed up by Men’s Fitness cover star Chris Pratt, who is back on this planet after the smash success of Guardians of the Galaxy, and by the looks of this clip, he brought his signature comedic charisma with him. Denzel Washington partners up with Pratt and looks like western veteran, despite being new to the genre. (We haven’t seen Washington this slick with a gun since The Book of Eli, and he was blind in that one.)

Also on for the film is Matt Bomer, of White Collar and American Horror Story fame. (We featured Bomer on the cover back in December and interviewed him in May. So yeah: totally called his one.) It’s not clear what his role will be, but we know that Bomer’s cowboy career will come full circle in this movie—he had a shot with the Dallas Cowboys, but left the football life in exchange for acting.

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With Nic Pizzolato of Boardwalk Empire and True Detective fame on as co-writer, this remake could be more than a typical action movie. Antoine Fuqua directs the remake of the 1960 vintage western—which had an equally star-studded cast, featuring golden-age superstars like Charles Bronson, Steve McQueen, and Yul Brynner—and it’s his third film with Washington (after Training Day and The Equalizer). Action movies are Fuqua’s speciality, as are high-profile actors. He has worked with a who’s who of Hollywood’s tough guys on prior projects, including Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

The cast features a number of other notable names including Ethan Hawke as sharpshooter Goodnight Robicheaux, and Peter Sarsgaard as heavyweight baddie Bartholomew Bogue.

The Magnificent Seven, produced by Sony Pictures, is slated for a September 23, 2016 release.

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