Watch: Chris Pratt Pranks an Exotic Pet Shop With a British Accent. It’s Hilarious.

Chris Pratt at the MTV movie awards
 Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Even when Chris Pratt is prank-calling someone, he’s absolutely charming.

The Men’s Fitness cover star was on BBC Radio’s The Matt Edmondson Show, and he took part in a segment called the “AlphabetiCall” challenge. Basically, you make a prank phone call and you start your first sentence with the letter ‘A,’ and then each sentence after that you start with the next letter of the alphabet until you get to the end.

It’s Pratt in his usual hilarious glory, putting on a British accent for full measure. The pet store worker on the other end of the line was a great sport about it:

Pratt’s record as a charming goofball with a fantastic persona remains undefeated.

Need more proof? The actor put out a video from his Parks and Recreation days, playing a song for kids as Andy Dwyer—about the classic Jean-Claude Van Damme movie Sudden Death. It’s as good as it sounds:



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